About Us

Beginning in 2018, Giyl.org members collaborate under the Good Samaritan Act; all shared opinions and actions are for the sole intention of strengthening protections of human life and  planetary health. This site is an educational and cooperative proactive project-based virtual  innovation for pioneers to share theoretical and empirical knowledge; creating opportunities at all levels in community leadership while working on peaceful delegations of civilian justice and freedom from oppression worldwide. Committed to improving the quality of life for all people, every forum on this website is dedicated to helping you better the psycho-social  well-being of yourself individually, the communities where you live and/or the  people whom you serve in your official government role or professional capacity. 

Here, all life matters! Human rights and responsibilities begin with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the grand-scheme of the living Earth because we are a member-species (human beings) of the biological ecosystem of this planet; not the only beings (species). A holistic view of the breadth and scope of today’s current man-made social systems as a metaphoric inorganic substance prevailing on Earth is necessary to conceive, believe and achieve personal and planetary healing. This is a poetic literary masterpiece in which creative space is provided to nurture and cultivate humane social innovations worldwide in a therapeutic straightforward judgmental manner. So put your thinking caps on because here can be found  the most comprehensive and most efficient solutions fathomable in this day and time.