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The Psycho-social Well-being of Mankind (PWM) Theory offers us a new scientific method of measuring human social-biological needs under the microscope; for the first time in history, mankind has identified patterns in the nature of poverty, violence and psycho-social welfare for which we can now prevent the biggest threats to all life forms.  As far as we know, except for the living Earth’s ecosystem collective – Homo Sapiens are the most complex multi-cellular endogenous macro-organism on the planet. Intra-specific violence and heinous crimes manifest from the unseen (unknown) reality of people‚Äôs emotionally-driven thoughts that are related to multiple other controllable (seen & unseen) environmental factors in society.


Social welfare deficits and the crime of injustice are the most deadliest controllable environmental factors in societies all around the world these days. A positive belief system in an individual member of society is like the rays from the sun upon the Earth; i.e. the catalyst for a series of light-life chain reactions. There is now a way for everyone to have access to real solutions to real everyday problems without delay, an economic meltdown, war or death. There are currently four categories, seven affiliated different projects and thirty-six different ways to get involved and really enjoy doing so. Please click on the image for your area of interest and follow the yellow brick road.





Human Rights & Responsibilities . .

. . are Planetary Needs


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Legislation Reform

 The human species is plagued with violence, religion, war and politics; unnatural by-products of the human intelligence. The implementation of  proactive crime prevention and intervention strategies can help prevent violent crime by at least 50% worldwide in the next year.  Your input is critically needed  to help bring this into fruition. The PWM Theory shows us what was missing from prior strategies.


Community Leader Training Program

Become globally recognized as a role model of excellence; adding to your curiae vitae as a Political Action Leader, Honorable Judge, trustworthy Attorney, Educator, Mentor,  Police Officer, Parent, Guardian, Medical Professional, Human Rights Advocate, Social Worker, Minister of Faith or if you are just a person inspiring to make the world a better place to live and paving the way to a happier healthier future planet.


Help Us Help You

 HUHY Magazine provides educational information and a forum to promote humane social innovations; publish and promote the good deeds of members and sponsors; subsidize the Free Youth Programs; create incentives and employment opportunities; help sponsors raise funds for their organization; stimulate economic
development; post events and public announcements, etc. 


Free Youth Program

Help the children overcome the socio-economic challenges and barriers that are vastly predominate all around the world these days – as a crime prevention solution – free youth programs provide access to on-going free recreational and educational enrichment opportunities for all children in all communities; equal access to a safe and drug-free environment. Your involvement can help eliminate juvenile delinquency;
encourage academic achievement; and boost ambition to be successful.