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Civilian Justice & Freedom

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Unmet requests for help includes but is not limited to basic human needs and resources such as:

* financial assistance,

* employment,

* legal representation and

* medical necessities.

Families and Communities:

  • Improve the welfare and safety of all children in all communities.


  • Improve the administration of justice and protect the personal freedoms of parents and children.


  • Develop and coordinate on-going free recreational and educational enrichment opportunities for children in each community.



What are your PSW Needs?

Social welfare deficits and the crime of injustice are the deadliest controllable environmental factors in societies all around the world these days.

There is now a way for everyone to have access to real solutions to real everyday problems without delay, an economic meltdown, war or death using the PSW Method – A methodology used to compute the Psychological and Social Wellness (PSW) Score. 


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