Legislation Reform 

7 Affiliated Projects – One Law For All

The PWM Theory shows us what was missing from prior strategies:

The human species is plagued with violence, religion, war and politics; unnatural by-products of the human intelligence. 

The implementation of  proactive crime prevention and intervention strategies can help prevent violent crime by at least 50% worldwide in the next year. 

Your input is critically needed  to help bring this into fruition. 

Thank you for making the commitment to perpetuate the measurement, observation and improvement of the Psychological Social Wellness (PSW) Score of all people as a human right and responsibility.


The crime of injustice has destroyed humanity for centuries and continues to be hazardous to the fabric of life, health and planetary well-being.

These proposed improvements are already legally enacted with current international treaties on human rights and constitutional laws.

Now, it is time to fine-tune and upgrade the current justice systems’ processes to reflect those enactments – so that lack of cohesion that is created by war & politics does not continue to be the paramount barriers to Us enjoying psycho-social well-being and healing our living Earth.

Proactive crime prevention begins with strengthening legal protections  for parents and children.




blind justice does not apply to family law matters; it just puts parents and children in great danger !

because our psycho-social condition results from or make us who we are and how we interact with other people in society.

Let us Create Peace,  Well-being and Prosperity Now For Our Future Generations Forever !

enacting these new Solutions will reduce crime and greatly improve the welfare of all children and communities.


Let Us Declare May 16, 2018 ‘Amnesty Day’ – an historical event where people all over the world took the initiative to  help victims escape the crime of injustice; to never again let war, politics and differences destroy Us and our living Earth.




 U.S. Citizens call for Mandatory Congressional Action

The U.S. Government and its’ 50 sovereign states are supposed to protect and help promote the well-being of all persons; it is always of supreme importance to save lives, and implement any feasible plans to do so immediately.

To provide a social order that protects the rights and well-being of The People, the USA Government has a contract with The People promising to practice a representative form of democracy where a small ratio of individual persons are elected for Us by Us to help Us maintain a civil, just, safe and humane society for all persons inasmuch as is possible; via an instrument of enforcement, called The Law of the Land (of Liberty – the brave and the free America!)- the U.S. Constitution.

ALL governments in the U.S.A., whether governed by elected officials or Civil Societies that emerge as business entities, are supposed to be bound by this Covenant.

This contract also promises that anyone who has been a victim of injustice and deprived of the contractual arrangements is entitled to restoration if that Person is suffering from an infringement or denial of legal rights by other members of the Government (via U.S. Representatives and/or local governments).


Guaranteed Help rehabilitating from Domestic Violence

In the catastrophic aftermath of parents leaving abusive relationships with their child(ren) and seeking legal protection from domestic violence; more than 100 million parents and children (in the U.S. alone) are being chronically oppressed by heinous court orders decreed in family courts. The primary culprit is lack of due process as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and international laws on human rights.  

Pioneers of innovative solutions for humanity at giyl.org has developed and can help you provide a comprehensive proactive crime prevention solution and intervention process in your jurisdiction that will: 1. Address the problems with unmet requests for help from: Victims of crime, families, children, the elderly, disabled and their caregivers. Unmet requests for help includes but is not limited to basic human needs and resources such as: financial assistance, employment, legal representation and  medical necessities. Implementation of this innovative strategy can significantly improve the welfare and safety of all children in all communities – worldwide.

Independent Family Law Court

The judicial process in Family Law Court using the Uniform Child Custody Act (UCCA) was established under the U.S. Constitution Amendment Ten which preserves the right of the people to do what is necessary and appropriate to safeguard their civil liberties. The goal of the Court is to ensure that all people involved in family law pursuits are afforded the right of trial by jury in civil cases; in accordance with the U.S. Constitution Amendment Seven; all litigants (including children) in all cases are issued judgments only after careful and competent scrutiny of the information collected, arranged, and computed using the Justice Formula.

decriminalization of failure to pay child support

It is not in the best interest of society that parents are being labeled and treated like criminals because of financial problems. It was estimated in 2017 that the unpaid child support bill is now $361 Billion Dollars in the USA. One of the cutting edge social innovative solutions at giyl.org is a plan to help the families by subsidizing child support payments owed by non-custodial parents. It is a crime of injustice and continuation of slavery to expect people to respect others’ demands on their TIME, ENERGY and MONEY or lose your livelihood!

Did We, The People vote for this law anyway?  The truth is ….

Uniform Child Custody Act

To improve the administration of justice and protect the personal freedoms of parents and children, innovators at giyl.org has engineered several processes to provide realistic viable means to achieve efficient fair justice systems for this civilization NOW. Since all legal battles in Family Law court are civil matters, it has been done 100% without a jury trial for more than 200 years. The injustice of crime and the crime of injustice is responsible for at least 50% of violence in the world.  The new due process protects litigants and children in 360 guaranteed ways.  Not only does the new process automatically include constitutional protections as it relates to the first, fourth, fifth, eighth and fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution; Violence Against Women Act, American Disability Act, Victim of Crime Rights and the Freedom of Information Act.  Establishing a guaranteed due process even more efficient than a trial by jury; which can also be applied in all civil cases which typically is not given a jury trial. 


International Peace Treaties

Computing the Psychological and Social Wellness (PSW) Score of the people in the world is the first step that we must take to make sure that they can receive much needed help. The PWM Theory has helped us at giyl.org establish a remarkably efficient economic development plan to aid world leaders in making the commitment to perpetuate the measurement, observation and improvement of the PSW score of all people as a human right and responsibility.  These twelve improvements are already legally enacted with current international treaties on human rights and constitutional laws but the current systems of justice, war and politics are the paramount barriers to achieving these goals.


Mandatory Proactive Crime Prevention & Security Measures

Computing the psychological and social wellness (PSW) score is a practical approach to applying civil jurisprudence that encompasses and provides an equal law whereby all people in society can now have equal protection of their natural right to live and have access to basic human needs for a homeostatic life on Earth; in the following twelve different ways: 1. Food;  2. Safety;  3. Ecosystem;  4. Medical/Health;  5. Education;  6. Housing;  7. economic security;  8. Legal Protection;  9. Freedom of Choice;  10. Natural Rights;  11. Beliefs;  and 12. Psycho-social Well-being.

Measurement, observation and improvement of the Psychological Social Wellness (PSW) Score – as a mandatory proactive crime prevention and security measure for all people – is a human right and responsibility. 


Jury Trial in Civil Cases

The judicial process under the UCCA, strengthens the protection of human rights; it guarantees that 24 minimum categories of considerations are reviewed – by well-trained objective specialists – as an afforded right to each person in the court of law before infringement upon their civil liberties. From this and the Justice Formula, social scientists and pioneers of humane social innovations at giyl.org collaborated to develop a 360 degree (100 point)  checklist of the positive, negative and equilibrium impact assessment of each party to a family law case for the safety, well-being of each person and society as a whole. There is also now a trial-by-jury option in civil court cases.