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9.  Personal Profile – Phase IV

10. Personal Profile – Phase V

11. Personal Profile – Phase VI

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Computing your Psychological and Social Wellness (PSW) Score is the first step that we must take to make sure that you receive the help that you need. According to the PWM Theory,  external influences from society and government put stressful demands on the individual organism. Demands on a person’s time, energy, resources, pleasures and choices can be either synergistic or antagonistic.

The PSW score helps the wellness team that you are working with to locate, identify and help you achieve a synergistic regimen to cure any antagonistic effect that you may be experiencing – or that can potentially harm you in the future – as it relates to twelve astroglia. Named after the twelve gates of every person’s life, astroglia are the molecules that interact with gates of entry into the sacred inner sanctum of a person’s most prized possessions of life in this world. They are:

1. Freedom of Choice                                 

2. Natural Rights                                         

3. Beliefs                                                           

4. Psycho-social Well-being                 

5. Food                                                                

6. Housing                                                        

7.  Safety

8.  Ecosystem

9.  Medical

 10. Education

11. Economic

 12. Legal 

Freedom of choice over our beliefs, natural right to live on Earth and our psycho-social condition results from or make us who we are and how we interact with other people in society.  The body, mind, emotions and life force are the four keys to the twelve sacred gates of life. It is sacred, meaning that any antagonistic external force in any of these aspects can cause a person to down-spiral to grief, pain or death; which calls for a very careful and accurate approach when interference of any kind is going to be enforced upon someone against their will which usually costs a penalty of infringement upon other personal rights. 

Once the PSW score is found, then we can solve the unknown astrocyte X; which is the solution or set of circumstances that you need to have for your health and well-being (in as much as is humanly possible) – given your unique situation.  Astrocytes are the cells found in the brain; the central nervous system is impacted by the condition of these cells. In the PWM Theory, there are ten type of astrocytes that function together under the influence of astroglia.



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