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ON Your Path to Greater empowerment

The first path to greater empowerment is a 12-module process and is the first step in the Community Leadership track, Family Rehabilitation Program Provider Track, Youth Program Advocate track and Affiliated Projects track. It can easily be completed from wherever you are at your own pace.  Upon fulfillment of all track requirements, the Justice and Freedom Badge of Honor is awarded; then the recipient is ready for passage to the next phase of empowerment.


 What is the Psychosocial Well-being of Mankind (PWM) Theory?


 I.  The PWM Theory identifies and provides the anecdote to the epidemic called MDI Disorder, or Multi-Dimensional (also, Demential) Inter-relational Disorder.

II. The PWM Theory describes the solution to the problems with worldwide violent crime, poverty and environmental decay; plus delivers the most accurate explanation, formula and scientific method that captures the breadth and scope with great profundity on how to globally improve the lives of all people on the planet Earth in the following twelve different ways:

1. Food
2. Safety
3. Ecosystem
4. Medical/Health 
5. Education
6. Housing
7. economic security
8. Legal Protection
9. Freedom of Choice
10. Natural Rights
11. Beliefs
12. Psycho-social Well-being

III. The PWM Theory can help us establish a remarkably efficient economic development plan to aid world leaders in making the commitment to perpetuate the measurement, observation and improvement of the Psychological Social Wellness (PSW) Score of all people as a human right and responsibility.

IV. These twelve improvements are already legally enacted with current international treaties on human rights and constitutional laws but the current systems of justice, war and politics are the paramount barriers to achieving these goals.


Elements of the PWM & PSW Theory

Your Path to Greater empowerment

Compass of Jurisprudence

The PWM Theory is a comprehensive scientific method and the PSW Theory is a practical approach to applying civil jurisprudence that encompasses and provides an equal law whereby all people in society can now have equal protection of their personal human rights in all family law court litigations.

Flower of Life

The Flower of life is a depiction of the most common psychosocial factors that impact every person’s life in a governed society historically and in modern day times.  The individual flower of life has many petals. Family, loved ones, faith, hope and dreams are our most prized possessions in this world; the heart and soul of our individual psychosocial condition.



A tetra-triangular model depicting the synoptic overview of the 100 point checklist; it is the tally of the positive, negative and equilibrium results for all astroglia. Astrocyte X or the computed PSW score of each litigant.


Free Choice Molecule

Also known as the 5P model, freedom to choose expenditures of time, energy, resources and pleasures is a natural right and the inalienable five powers of the People; any infringement thereon alters the petals on the flower of life to its detriment.


Astrocytes are the cells found in the brain; the central nervous system is impacted by the condition of these cells.  In the PWM Theory, ten type of astrocytes that function together under the influence of astroglia.



Named after the twelve gates of every person’s life, astroglia are the molecules that interact with gates of entry into the sacred inner sanctum of a person’s most prized possessions of life in this world.  Astroglia are the small circles on the outer surface of the ten astrocytes.


Each astrocyte’s charge can be measured, plotted, and assessed in microscope by observation of dimensions or condition of the astrasphere.  Additional PSW considerations are:

  • On the negative (-) side: fear, anger, pain, lacking, greed.
  • On the positive (+) side: trust, joy, stress-free, satisfied, charity.





Justice Formula

The justice formula is a mathematical model that measures the PSW score, the constitutionality of statutory laws and practices; the justice to be awarded to a litigant; to ensure that the victims of domestic violence and their families receive full due regard for every possible factor;  and to help guarantee children in as much as possible who are subjects and often victims to family law matters like child custody court orders.