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Guaranteed Help Rehabilitating from Domestic Violence


The Problem is Constitutional Laws without Guarantees.  


yes Let us overcome and strive to eradicate violent crime inasmuch as possible !
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Protection from Domestic Violence

4 Facts about Family Law in the United States:

  1. Also known as Domestic Relations, Family Law is the area of law concerned with States’ rules and regulations of exercising governance over families, parents and children.
  2. The U.S. Federal Court system gives total jurisdiction over Family Law matters to State Governments; except when citizens fail to obey State Courts’ orders.
  3. The U.S. Federal Court system does NOT intervene to protect families, parents and children from oppressive or unconstitutional court orders imposed by State Courts.
  4. Trials in Family Law litigations are 100% without Constitutional protections, due process of law or jury trial and does not require truth or facts for a single State Judge to impose a lifetime sentence on groups of people (parents and children) at a time.

      As a Result:

  •  Domestic Violence is the leading cause of violent crimes.
  • Legal Issues between ex-spouses are the leading co-existing factor reported by victims of domestic violence.

Did you know that at least 100 million U.S. citizens are subject to child custody laws and orders?

For the crimes of injustice that follow the injustice of violent crime, we the people can do something about it.  Do you agree?

Do you agree that it is necessary and appropriate for the Federal and State Governments to not prevent or interfere with the implementation of a plan that will improve the administration of justice for females and children especially if taxes are not funding it?