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Jury Trial in Civil Cases

Jury Trials in civil cases can now provide litigants a 360 degree (100 point) checklist and 24 minimum categories of review in less than 2/3 the time and costs.
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The judicial process under the UCCA, strengthens the protection of human rights; it guarantees that 24 minimum categories of considerations are reviewed – by well-trained objective specialists – as an afforded right to each person in the court of law before infringement upon their civil liberties. From this and the Justice Formula, social scientists and pioneers of humane social innovations at collaborated to develop a 360 degree (100 point)  checklist of the positive, negative and equilibrium impact assessment of each party to a family law case for the safety, well-being of each person and society as a whole. There is also now a trial-by-jury option in civil court cases.
Did you know about the formula for justice; that it can be computed to a numerical value, plotted and measured then graphically depicted on the x and y axis in Pythagorean quadrants? 
Do you agree that a Justice Formula seems promising to deliver more efficient, just and impartial judicial decisions when making court orders?
Do you know that even though trial by jury is considered "due process of law", more than 100 million people in the U.S.A. were not given an option in family law court?
Did you know that less facts are verified by the government to take your parental rights than it takes to get foodstamps ?