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Independent Family Law Court

Families should have a dedicated court building and thorough special court process. 

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The judicial process in Family Law Court using the Uniform Child Custody Act (UCCA) was established under the U.S. Constitution Amendment Ten which preserves the right of the people to do what is necessary and appropriate to safeguard their civil liberties.  The current setting and processes does not accommodate the privacy and sensitive information that is shared in public court rooms where anybody can just come sit in on your personal matters. Also, blind justice does not apply to family law matters; it just puts parents and children in great danger because our psycho-social condition results from or make us who we are and how we interact with other people in society. 

Vote for a better way! where recommendations are made by many people (12-24) from different disciplines (i.e. legal, medical, mental health, educators, clergymen, law enforcement, child psychologists, domestic violence experts, community leaders, probation officers, social workers, etc.) during all phases of the litigation process.  The focus is on justice for victims and their children; not penalties for offenders.

Do you agree that States should adopt independent family law courts that specialize is assessing all aspects of the family situation before issuing orders?

Do you agree that State Governments should Cease and Desist assuming eminent domain over the Family Unit? 
Have you ever been or are you being negatively impacted by family law court orders?
Have you ever known or do you know someone right now who is being negatively impacted by court orders like with child support, protection from domestic violence, loss of parental rights or child protective service involvement?