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Uniform Child Custody Act (UCCA)

The UCCA process assess the needs of parents and children in 360 guaranteed ways. 


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To improve the administration of justice and protect the personal freedoms of parents and children, innovators at has engineered several processes to provide realistic viable means to achieve efficient fair justice systems for this civilization NOW.

Since all legal battles in Family Law court are civil matters, it has been done 100% without a jury trial for more than 200 years. The injustice of crime and the crime of injustice is responsible for at least 50% of violence in the world. 

The new due process protects litigants and children in 360 guaranteed ways.  Not only does the new process automatically include constitutional protections as it relates to the first, fourth, fifth, eighth and fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution; Violence Against Women Act, American Disability Act, Victim of Crime Rights and the Freedom of Information Act.  Establishing a guaranteed due process even more efficient than a trial by jury; which can also be applied in all civil cases which typically is not given a jury trial. 

Do you agree that it’s a rational argument to say that a Law that applies to ALL people must first exist in order for all people to have Equal Protection under the Law?
Do you agree that immediate congressional action to full enactment of UCCA  is necessary and appropriate?
A Family law that is more efficient than a jury trial warrants immediate acceptance as an authorized alternative to current judicial processes in State courts.  Do you agree?