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Mandatory Proactive Crime Prevention & Security Measures

Proactive crime prevention is a natural human right, a vital nutrient for the psycho-social wellness of all people.

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Computing the psychological and social wellness (PSW) score is a practical approach to applying civil jurisprudence that encompasses and provides an equal law whereby all people in society can now have equal protection of their natural right to live and have access to basic human needs for a homeostatic life on Earth; in the following twelve different ways: 1. Food;  2. Safety;  3. Ecosystem;  4. Medical/Health;  5. Education;  6. Housing;  7. economic security;  8. Legal Protection;  9. Freedom of Choice;  10. Natural Rights;  11. Beliefs;  and 12. Psycho-social Well-being
Would you like to learn more about the measurement, observation and improvement of your Psychological Social Wellness (PSW) Score?
Do you agree that the international, U.S. federal and state government leaders are supposed to protect and help promote the well-being of all persons?
Domestic Violence is the leading form of violent crime in the U.S.A.

Do you agree that we need better than the current solutions to eliminate violent crime?

Do you agree that all leaders and governments should help pave this new way to greatly improve the welfare of all people?